Sharing Memories

Some days when we deliver meals our recipients are having a bad day. Feeling under the weather, haven't slept well, feeling lonely. I had this experience recently while delivering to Zhivuko (Sue) Bonaparte, she was missing her recently departed husband. I sympathized with her loss and asked if the pictures on the table were of her husband. She was very enthusiastic to show me a table dedicated to her husband's memory. She told me how her husband was a lieutenant on the NYPD, she had his badge, his hat and a picture of the two of them at his induction ceremony. She explained how she keeps a bowl of his favorite candy (candy corn) in front of his picture. Along with her prayer beads and incense she told me a little about the pieces she brought with her from Japan. Each of our recipients has a rich history and as we get to know them as volunteers they begin to open up and share with us who they were.